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For Buyers

Information for Buyers Thinking about buying a home? I have gathered some information that might be of help. Browse through some of these pages if you are a buyer and have some questions about weather to rent or buy, the…

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For Sellers

Information if You are Planning on Selling Your Home So, you are thinking of selling your home.  This couldn’t be a better time, but I am sure you have questions about what steps come first when selling your home.  I…

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Short Sales and Foreclosures

Foreclosures and Short Sales There are lots of foreclosures and short sales in today’s real estate market.  I have put together material on the foreclosure and short sale process as well as linking to short sale and foreclosure listings in…

Get Your Finances in Order

What Buyers Need to Know

Get Your Finances in Order: To-Do List   Some tips on how to get ready to purchase a home.  Find out what lenders are looking for in a buyer.  What can you afford? Read the list below for a quick… ...

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